Employment & training for Neurodiverse Adults
(Developmental Disabilities)

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At Green Street Books, we take pride in our commitment to providing meaningful employment opportunities to Neurodiverse Adults within our community. Neurodiverse Adults encompass individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities, and we recognize their unique talents and capabilities. Our operation and services are dedicated to harnessing these talents, allowing each employee to work in roles that utilize their intellectual capacities effectively. We firmly believe that every position within our organization is equally important, contributing to our self-encompassing team that thrives on diversity and inclusivity. By fostering a work environment that values the skills and abilities of Neurodiverse Adults, we promote not only economic independence but also personal growth and empowerment.

Individual Donations

Our employment mission relies on the generous support of the community through individual donations. We accept a wide range of items, including books, DVDs, CDs, Blu-rays, and collectibles. These in-kind donations serve as the lifeblood of our organization, enabling us to continue providing employment opportunities to Neurodiverse Adults. We also greatly appreciate monetary donations, which contribute to our operational sustainability. It’s important to note that any donation made to Green Street Books is tax deductible, making it a mutually beneficial arrangement for both donors and our mission.

In our effort to make the donation process as convenient as possible, we offer low minimums for donations, ensuring that anyone can contribute to our cause. Additionally, we provide free shipping labels for smaller donations, and for those with multiple boxes or larger contributions, we are happy to offer free pick-up services. We are equipped to facilitate donations of any size, whether it’s a single box or an entire truckload. Your generosity directly supports our employment mission, allowing us to create a positive impact on the lives of Neurodiverse Adults in our community.

Corporate Donations

We welcome corporate donations as a vital component of our mission. When businesses choose to support us with merchandise donations, they not only contribute to a more inclusive community but also enjoy tax benefits for their generosity. All corporate donations of merchandise to Green Street Books are tax deductible, providing an added incentive for companies to engage in social responsibility initiatives.

We understand that the logistics of donating large quantities of items may pose challenges for businesses. That’s why we offer nationwide pick-up services, making it convenient for corporations to contribute from anywhere in the country. Whether it’s a few boxes of media, a truckload of materials, or even an entire warehouse of items, we have the expertise to arrange for efficient packing and pick-up. By partnering with us, businesses can make a significant impact on the lives of Neurodiverse Adults while fulfilling their corporate social responsibility goals.

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    Pride of employment for adults with different abilities.

    Green Street Books proudly provides employment, continued education, and ongoing training for employees with special needs and workers with disabilities.

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